DivX® Operations

In order to turn CDGs into DivX discs, you need to download three programs:

1) DivX Codec, a compressor/decompressor to compress converted files and compile DivX discs
2) a CDG Ripper which will allow you to copy or "rip" CDGs to your PC as a CDG Bin file
3) Power CDG to AVI Converter to covert these CDG Bin files to DivX format (AVI files).

PC with internet connection
Hardware: CDG compatible CD or DVD drives; Yamaha, Liteon, Sony HP and Plextor are known for CDG compatible drives.
Software: DivX Codec , CDG Ripper and Power CDG to AVI Converter

You can download

1. DivX Codec at: http://www.divx.com. This program is free.
2. CDG Ripper at: http://www.tricerasoft.com/cgi-bin/download.asp?prg=CDD1
3. Power CDG to AVI Converter at: http://www.powerkaraoke.net/download/powercdg2avi.exe

Follow each website's directions for download of these programs.

We have provided basic instructions for ripping CDGs and Converting these files to AVI files. Refer to the help menu for each program for further assistance.*

To Rip CDGs
1. Insert CDG into your CD or DVD drive on your PC.
2. Create a new folder on your hard drive and name it "CDG," for example.
3. At the bottom of the screen select OUTPUT PATH to your new folder as the destination.
4. Select all tracks and click on CONVERT.
6. Set default in QUICK OPTION to STEREO. Do not click on VOCAL REMOVE.

Each song should take approximately one minute for the ripping process to finalize, depending on your system.
You will see fle names Track01.BIN, Track02.BIN, etc. when disc has been ripped.

To convert from CDG BIN files to AVI files
1. Create a new folder in your hard drive and name it "CDGDIVX," for example.
2. Open the program and select BATCH for batch encoding.
3. Click ADD and select the BIN files you previously created with the CDG ripper from the appropriate folder. Click OPEN.
4. Click on VIDEO COMPRESSION and select DivX Pro 5.1.1 Codec and click OK
5. Click on AUDIO COMPRESSION and select MPEG LAYER-3. Under ATTRIBUTE select 48KBIT** 22050 STEREO and click      OK.
6. Click OUTPUT DIRECTLY. Click BROWSE and select your CDGDIVX folder.
7. Click CONVERT

Each file should take approximately one minute to encode, depending on your system. The final files should each have an AVI extension and each file should be at least
10MB or less.

* DivX Networks, Inc, Tricerasoft, Power Karaoke and the Power CDG to AVI Converter are not affiliated with VocoPro. VocoPro makes no claims about their products and assumes no responsibility
for the effectiveness of them.

**Always select the highest bit rate possible in order to ensure high quality playback.


To convert A/V files to DivX® using a Video Capturing device

Because there is not yet a ripping program that will do this kind of rip, the capture method is the best possible solution. The capture method may take longer and requires more steps, however it provides the best results in that the final DivX® files are higher quality files, 48Kbps, than when using the other methods. The capture method can be used to convert any video file format (i.e. CD+G, laserdisc, AVI) to the compressed DivX® format.

What you will need:
- A CD+G Player with RCA or S-VIDEO outputs
- A Digital Video Converter such as the Plextor Convert PX-M402U.
- A program with Video Capture capabilities such as WinDVD Creator 2.
- Dr. DivX® video encoding application. This program can be downloaded for free at the following web address: http://www.DivX.com/DivX/drDivX/

How to connect:
-You will need to have a CDG playing device connected to the input of your Video Capturing device. The Video Capturing device should be connected to your computer.

Follow these steps for converting a CDG file to DivX®:

Step 1 - Capturing a file
1. Insert the CDG disc into the CDG compatible player
2. Open the Video program (i.e. WinDVD Creator 2) and set it to video capture mode.
3. Begin recording with WinDVD Creator or a similar program with video capturing capabilities.
NOTE: If your video capture program gives you the option of choosing the RECORDING PROFILES, use the “DivX® and MPEG-4” option. In WinDVD Creator, this option can be found by clicking on the wrench icon on the video capture screen.
4. Press play on the CDG compatible player and wait until the track is finished playing.
5. When the song is done, press STOP on the Video Capture software. When the program stops capturing it should automatically save the song as an .AVI file.

Step 2 - Converting the file to DivX®
6. Now open up the Dr. DivX® program.
7. Click on VIDEO FILE in the SELECT VIDEO INPUT page.
8. Open the file that you want to convert to DivX®.
9. In the SELECT AUDIO INPUT page make sure that TRACK IN VIDEO INPUT is selected and click NEXT.
10. Make sure that MAKE A HIGH QUALTIY FILE is selected. Click NEXT
11. In the CHOOSE OUTPUT screen, click on MODIFY SETTINGS and then click OK in the warning window to go to the BASIC SETTINGS window.
12. In the BASIC SETTINGS window, set the AUDIO BITRATE to 160 Kbps and the SAMPLING RATE to 48.00 kHz.
13. Click on ENCODE. The program will begin encoding the file. It may take a while, depending on the size of the file.

NOTE: Repeat the above process for each individual song. If you capture a whole CDG disc all at once, the program will save all the songs as one individual song.

Burning to disc (PC):
1. Insert a blank CD-R/RW disc into your CD-R/RW drive.
2. Open up your MY COMPUTER window.
3. “Right-click” on the icon that corresponds to your CD-R/RW drive and select EXPLORE in the pop-up menu.
4. Select and drag your DivX® files onto the blank CD.
5. Click on “Write These Files to CD” and follow the directions of the CD Writing Wizard.