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If you've Got a TV, You've Got a Karaoke Party

CDG-3000 Product Photo

The CDG-3000 by VocoPro, the industry leader in karaoke hardware and music entertainment, adds karaoke enjoyment in the home by simply plugging the unit into a television. Utilizing the TV's speakers and monitor, users do not need any other audio/video component.

In addition, the CDG-3000 can turn a home theater system into a karaoke unit with its built-in audio input jacks. The CDG-3000 turns any television into a karaoke machine. Hence ... where's the party!

A 19-step digital key controller allows users to adjust the sound to fit their own voice range. A shock resistant CDG player (a compact disc player that plays regular and karaoke CDs with graphics) lets singers play their favorite selections and follow along with written lyrics displayed on a separate television screen.

Two microphone inputs with separate volume controls allow two people to sing simultaneously at varying sound levels. A multiplex vocal function that works with any karaoke software deletes CD lyrics without erasing the music, allowing those who want to sing on their own the opportunity to do so.

The vocal partner function fades out the lyrics played from the CD when a user sings into the microphone and fades them in when a singer stops. The variable digital echo adds reverberation to a singer's voice, allowing them to sound like their favorite recording artist. An audio input enables users to connect any audio source to utilize the CDG-3000's features.

Weighting in at just under 15 pounds, the CDG-3000 fits conveniently in almost any entertainment center and can be mounted with an optional 19-inch rack. A remoter control is included to make adjusting controls easy.

With over 25 years experience in the music entertainment business, VocoPro features a variety of karaoke machines. For the nearest VocoPro dealer, please call 1-800-678-5348.